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Child & Family Resources can offer:



About one in three working parents is willing to change employers or trade salary and benefits for work family programs that fit their needs.





Outreach and Education at Your Business or Agency Site

  • Support to families, onsite child care referrals
  • Technical assistance on site or off for employee’s needs
  • Presentations  about agency services and child development topics
  • Participation in your community or business event  

Community/Businesses Surveyed

  • Of the employers responding, 17% have over 250 employees, 10% have 50-100 employees and 66% have 1-50 employees
  • 52% of employers stated that 25% of their employees need and use child care, 34% stated that 26-75% need and use child care
  • 31% of the employers stated that child care needs was a common cause of absenteeism
  • Employers stated that 83% of employees use care weekdays and 14% need care with a rotating schedule
  • Employers specified 76% of their employees worked days and 24% worked evenings, nights & weekends
  • When asked if their company was able to offer financial support to employees needing child care, 86% said yes

 Employers Providing Child Care Benefits are Realizing


  • Employees with safe, reliable, quality child care are less likely to miss days of work due to child care related challenges.
  • Employees with safe, reliable, quality child care are more likely to be able to focus in their work without the anxiety of worrying about their children while they are at work.
  • Parents with quality child care know that their children are in a safe setting that promotes their children's healthy development.
  • Children who are in a quality child care setting are more likely to start school ready to succeed. And, children who start school ready to learn are more likely to perform at grade level, less likely to dropout of school, and more likely to become part of a strong workforce in the future.

Free Resources for Employers

  • "On-Site Presentations": A Referral Specialist can present at your workplace and offer parent education on selecting quality child care and other child development topics.
  • "Find Child Care Informational Brochures": for employee break rooms, human resource office, areas frequented to help with parents child care search  
  • “Looking for Child Care Posters”: Great for bulletin boards, areas frequented, with convenient tear offs that parents can take with them.
  •  A Look at Child Care in Ontario, Seneca & Yates Counties 2017-2018 is the Supply and Demand of Child Care Resources to respond to inquiries frequently made by parents, employers, community organizations and government organizations.

  • "Why Quality Child Care Matters for Employers in New YorkA document prepared by the Early Care and Learning Council with bulleted points for employers as to why they should care about child care for their employees.

  • Information and specific data by zip code, county, city, type of care requests needed to determine whether an employer sponsored child care center or child care subsidy program would benifit your business or employees.

How We Stay Connected to the Community


Staff at Child and Family Resources connect to the communities through participation at local community events, agency sponsored free family events and participation in various community based meetings or specific initiatives. Some of the events you may see us at include;

  • Seneca County 0-8 Task Force
  • Dundee Our Town Rocks
  • Geneva Boy's and Girl's Club Day for Kids Event
  • Canandaigua's Rotary Pier Festival and Fall into Canandaigua Events
  • Geneva Reads Bookfest
  • Geneva's Festival of Nations
  • Penn Yan Keuka Arts Festival

  • Five Points Correctional Facility- Employee Community Fair

  • Cornell Caregivers Workshop Day

  • FLNews WGVA- Monthly

  • Dundee Touch of Christmas

  • Healthy Families- Community Baby Shower

  • Keuka College: Jo Shadow Project

  • Meet and Greet with Congressman Reed

  • NY Chiropractic College Community Awareness Day

  • Ontario ARC Autism Advisory Board

  • Ontario CAAST Committee

  • Ontario County Community Summit

  • Penn Yan StarShine

  • Workforce Development Presentations in Ontario & Yates Monthly

  • Yates CCSI Tier Meeting

 Please contact us for further information on any of the above or other needs you might have, or (800)881-5786.